Corinne Merolla

Corinne Merolla, known as Coey to most, is an architect specialized in art and creative direction, production design, and scenography.

Born in the United States and raised in Argentina with a deep passion and appreciation for art, music, and design, she brings a unique cultural influence and blend to her overall approach.

She began her career designing and managing scenographic construction sites for opera performances, popular music, and immersive multimedia elements.

She has worked on numerous opera projects across Europe and South America, and has collaborated on projects led by the creative artistic team of Cirque du Soleil in South America.

She attributes her successful and the smooth realization of each project to working with industry-leading experts, stellar team members, and drawing inspiration from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds.

Enriched by movement, electrifying ideas, and boundless creativity, she excels in developing innovative solutions for clients and stakeholders across the entertainment industry.

She approaches each project with a holistic vision, weaving artistic architectural principles and music to produce an engaging and transformative experience.

Corinne has joined the Sooner Rae Creative & Playground Team as a scenic designer and concept creative artist, contributing her extensive art and production design background.

She continuously pushes the boundaries of design, delivering captivating experiences that transcend traditional architectural practice worldwide.

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